Botox Parties & Why We Don’t Like Them


Botox Parties & Why We Don’t Like Them

Why We Hate Botox Parties

In a world where Botox is being offered in hair salons, boutiques, bars, and even in the home it is important to remember that it is a medical procedure that should never be taken lightly. Ask yourself this question: Would you get your flu shot in a bar or hair salon? If the answer is no, or if you would never receive medical treatment in any of those places, then you should think twice about receiving Botox there as well!

Questions to Ask Before a Botox Party

  • Who is the injector?
  • What are their credentials?
  • How long have they been injecting?
  • If they’re not a physician, who is their medical director?
  • Every injector who is not a physician themselves has to be overseen by a medical director who signs off on the safety and validity of the product and injection technique.
  • Where is the injector from?
  • Often times injectors at Botox parties may be from an office that could be hours away, and they commute in to inject at the party. Botox injections sometimes need what we refer to as the “two-week tweak” or corrections. If one brow is higher than the other aka a “Spocked” brow, or a droopy lid (ptosis), are you willing to drive to their office for a touch-up or correction? These are things that happen to even the most seasoned injectors, so you want to be seen by someone who is at least close by in case any touch-ups or follow-ups are needed!

Who Can Inject?

Your Dysport or Botox provider can include your:

Where is the product purchased?

Botox & Dysport are prescribed medications requiring a medical license. You can not buy them online. The medications should be obtained directly from the company that makes them, i.e. Allergan or Galderma. Third-party purchases make us question the validity of the product. How is it stored? Botox and Dysport must be kept refrigerated. When your injector arrives at the party, if they traveled in from further away, are they bringing the product in a cooler? How are they keeping it cold? It is also a medication that must be reconstituted, which means it must be mixed before injecting. Premixed Botox or Dysport gives big side-eye energy. You want to know your product is fresh, and not left over from weeks or months before! Old Botox = poor result!

How is the injector keeping track of your injections?

Your Botox/Dysport dosage determines the longevity of your treatment, which means the perfect dose will get you to that 3-4 month mark flawlessly! You want to be sure your injector is keeping track of your Botox injection history and documenting how much they are injecting and where! Are you being injected with a different amount in the areas each time? If they’re not documenting, how will they know? Consistency is key! So, you want your injector to be diligent with documentation so that in future treatments they know exactly what was treated before.

Alcohol & Botox

Lots of Botox parties are marketed to party guests with the availability of alcohol. “Botox & Bubbly” or “Botox & Brews” etc. Alcohol should NEVER be consumed while being injected. Not only does it cloud your judgment and potentially influence your decision on what you are comfortable with, but it also can increase your risk of bleeding and bruising. Not a good look!

Privacy Concerns

When being injected in a group setting, you run the risk of being rushed and not having all your questions answered. Pressure from friends or other participants may play a role in your treatment. When being injected you should have the time to think it over, ask questions, and do what you are comfortable with without the opinions of those who aren’t medical professionals.

Something else to think about, signing an informed consent document for Botox treatment is important. Your injector must go over all the risks as well as the benefits. Your medical history should be reviewed thoroughly as well since there are some contraindications to receiving Botox and fillers.

Discount Botox Isn’t Always a Good Thing!

We like to say, “Cheap work isn’t good, and good work isn’t cheap!” Find your bags or shoes on sale, never your face! Never seek out Groupons, free Botox, or random Botox parties. When having aesthetic treatments like Botox, Dysport, or filler done, you are not only paying for the product but also the expertise and peace of mind of having a trusted, safe, and educated injector!

How Are We Different?

At Rejuvenation MD we provide a calm and relaxing, zero-pressure environment that fosters an opportunity for conversation and questions. We provide follow-up appointments and an opportunity to have ALL your concerns addressed in a medical office. You’re never treated as if you are on an assembly line, and we want you to have the BEST results from every treatment! If you’re a patient getting a Botox/Dysport treatment at our office you are always injected by either Dr. Chaudhary or Registered Nurse Cloie.

When seeing the advertisements for Botox Parties, or when you hear friends discuss it, keep these things in mind when making the decision to put the first thing people see, your face, in the hands of someone in any place other than a medical office! When we know better, we do better!

Dr. Umbreen Chaudhary, MD

At Rejuvenation MD we believe that self-care isn’t selfish. Dr. Umbreen Chaudhary has over sixteen years of experience in aesthetic medicine and strives to provide natural-looking results to her patients. Our friendly staff is committed to helping you reach your aesthetic goals and will customize a treatment plan for you.

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