Aquagold® Fine Touch™


Aquagold® Fine Touch™

Aquagold® Fine Touch™

Introducing the latest treatment to arrive at Rejuvenation MD!
Aquagold® Fine Touch™, a new micro channeling treatment to enhance the quality of the skin, minimize pores and redness

How Does Aquagold® Work?

AquaGold’s patented microchannel technology deliver products directly into the dermis through thin, gold-plated needles — each finer than a human hair — to improve tone, texture, and glow. In addition, introducing the microchannels into the dermis helps to stimulate collagen production, which is essential for firmer, younger-looking skin.

How Do I Customize My Treatment?

Treatment can be customized with a variety of products and serums, such as

  • Botox®, Dysport®,
  • Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, such as Restylane®
  • Growth Factors (PRP)
  • Vitamin C

Am I a Good Candidate for Aquagold?

Virtually anyone can benefit from AquaGold treatments — improvement can be seen almost instantly and involves no downtime, making it the perfect “pick-me-up” to receive before an event or special occasion. 

What Results Will I See?

AquaGold patients can notice dewier skin almost immediately, with full results generally seen one to two weeks following treatment. Results will vary depending on the ingredients used, however, most patients can expect to see more hydrated, glowing skin with minimized pore size and improved texture.

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