Skin Wellness


Skin Wellness

Skin Wellness Treatment | Rejuvenation MD Aesthetic | Greensboro, NC

Skin Wellness

At Rejuvenation MD, we believe that skincare is essential for healthy, glowing skin. We offer a range of customizable skin wellness services to address a variety of our patient’s skin concerns. Our skin wellness service go hand and hand with our SkinBar Products!

Skin Wellness Services


Live confidently through amazing skin. Only HydraFacial uses patented technology combined with nourishing ingredients to create an instant glow.

Aquagold® Fine Touch™

Introducing the latest treatment to arrive at Rejuvenation MD! Aquagold® Fine Touch™, a new micro channeling treatment to enhance …


Microneedling (aka collagen-induction therapy) is a nonsurgical treatment creates tiny pinpricks in your skin, triggering a healing response that stimulates your skin’s …


The legendary FIRE & ICE FACIAL is designed to rapidly and safely resurface and rejuvenate the skin with little or no down time. This professional treatment helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves the look of uneven skin tone and blemish-prone skin, resulting in a more youthful complexion.

Chemical Peels

As we age, effects of sun exposure as well as acne and pollutants can damage our skin causing us to look older than we are. Chemical peels are used to treat such skin damage therefore possibly restoring a more youthful appearance to wrinkled, sun-damaged, unevenly pigmented and blotchy skin.

Facial Rejuvenation with PRP

Facial Rejuvenation with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) combines microneedling with a topical application of PRP derived from your own blood for a skin rejuvenation treatment that creates an overall improvement to skin texture and tone.

Cyspera for Hyperpigmentation

First and only topical cream containing cysteamine hydrochloride (HCl) to diminish the appearance of stubborn skin discoloration.

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